Make Your Business Ambitions a Reality

Have you just recently launched a new business? Or have you been in operation for a few years? Either way, making consistent improvements to enhance your business is critical for its long-term success and sustainability.

ILD Consulting, LLC can assist you in identifying areas of focus in your business that offer the greatest opportunity for gain. Whether you need to increase revenue growth, develop or improve a financial management plan, increase your competitive advantage, or improve any other aspect of your company, we can come alongside you to help you strengthen your business.


Financial Management

Having a financial management plan for your business is essential.  It will enable you to know whether you are on track with creating profit for your business, managing cash, and ensuring an acceptable return on investment.

ILD Consulting, LLC can assist you in deepening your understanding of your company’s financial state. Our Financial Management for Small Business service can equip you to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of financial management.
  • Make sense of your financial data.
  • Establish a financial management system within your company.
  • Develop a cash flow tool to manage liquidity.
  • Apply costing and pricing concepts to your products.

Our coaching process for building a solid financial management system includes:

We will meet with you so we can understand your business and objectives. During this process, we will also:

  • Assess your current financial management practices.
  • Teach you key financial concepts.
  • Create an action plan with priorities for your project.

You will receive one-on-one coaching to learn how to:

  • Develop processes that will enable you to monitor financial performance.
  • Generate a weekly cash flow report that will accurately forecast liquidity needs.
  • Apply costing and pricing rules to your products.

We will summarize this process and provide options and  recommendations for your consideration as you implement your financial management plan.


Revenue Growth

An effective revenue strategy aligns marketing, sales, and customer experience teams around a singular goal: drive profitability. Without this strategic roadmap, healthy and sustained growth cannot happen and businesses cannot flourish. Businesses with revenue strategies that tightly align sales and marketing functions have an average of 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher sales closing rates than do their more loosely aligned counterparts.

ILD Consulting, LLC will work with you to develop an effective revenue strategy.

Identify your market opportunities and implement a strategy.

First we will assist you in identifying key markers. This will enable us to develop a plan for generating maximum revenue as quickly as possible.

We begin this step by identifying opportunities in key focus areas such as your market position, online presence, brand identity, customer journey, and more. Then we guide you through the development of a plan that prioritizes your resources on high-value opportunities and aligns your sales and marketing approach to key customer segments.

After optimizing your organizational alignment, we define the capabilities you will need to enhance in order to execute your plan successfully.

Assess how to build your sales, marketing and digital capabilities into one powerful system.

In this step we work with you to enhance your sales, marketing and digital capabilities to create a fully integrated, powerful system. The key factors identified in step 1 will help direct our recommendations in this step. Possibilities include working with you on your vision, mission, values, sales processes, social media strategy, and much more.

Upon completion of this step you will have the information you need in order to fully optimize your brand image, sales team, and digital strategy.  You will also be ready to support the sales and marketing approach that you’ll use to drive revenue.

Implement the new system and track revenue growth.

This final step puts your new sales and marketing system to the test! Our consultants will help you select the processes that provide the greatest opportunities to gain forward momentum on your revenue growth plan.

We will help you identify the right customers for your business and assist in launching effective marketing activities. Once these activities are completed we will measure results so you can move forward with approaches that will provide the best ROI.



Business Model

Our world today is not only smaller, it is also changing quickly and often. Almost overnight a thriving business can find itself irrelevant and struggling for profit. To keep this from happening to your business, it may be time to reinvent it to seize new opportunities.

ILD Consulting, LLC can guide you through the processes of rethinking each element of your current business model and value proposition. Together we can explore alternative business models to seize new market opportunities, such as new technologies, products, and services. We can also assist you in solving pressing problems like loss of market share, unexpected competition, or disruptive technology.

Explore alternative business models.

We will begin by gaining an understanding of your business so that, together, we can explore alternative business models. During this process, we will:

  • Identify your most significant internal and external opportunities.
  • Outline your current business model and identify what is accomplishing your objectives and what is not.
  • Identify and understand your customers’ current and emerging needs.
  • Begin building alternative business models to evaluate.
  • Select one alternative business model to test.

Test an alternative business model.

Our next step is to work with you to test your alternative business model prototype. This test will include a broad cross section of actual customers to ensure the best possible outcome. During this process, we will:

  • Refine your proposed business model alternative.
  • Analyze test data and evaluate outcomes.
  • Substantiate market desirability, financial viability, and your ability to produce your services and products.

Develop a plan for your new business model.

Once step 2 has been successfully completed, we will work with you to develop a well coordinated plan to implement your new business model. During this process, we will:

  • Design an adaptable business model.
  • Develop a plan to implement your business model in increments.
  • Walk with you through implementation and access progress of implementation.
  • Provide training that will equip you to continually evaluate and manage your business model.