translation certificate

ITSC 7450


A quality translation can be difficult to obtain. How can you ensure that the translation that you have commissioned has been done well? Unless you know the language into which the document is being translated, it is difficult to evaluate the quality of the final translation. We are all familiar with examples of translation bloopers that occur in advertising all over the world.

At ILD Consulting, LLC, we provide a formal system to ensure that the final translation meets International Translation Standards – Certification 7450. Through our certification process, outlined in the ITSC 7450 document, we will ensure that your final product is accurate, clear, and natural. We will certify that the translation process is followed through strict documentation of the process and through quality control procedures implemented by our specialists. This system provides the redundancy necessary to identify and correct any problems in the translation before the work is made public. When one of our specialists discovers a quality problem, they provide hands on assistance to address the issue and ensure that the final document meets the International Translation Standards Certification 7450.

Our process, as outlined in the ITSC 7450 document, provides a framework to ensure that your documents will be translated following stringent translation principles and processes guaranteed to provide a product that clearly and accurately conveys your message in the target language. The process includes, but is not limited to, development of qualifications for translators, rigorous testing of the translation in the target audience, and documentation of specific metrics.

ILD Consulting, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality control standards in the industry. While some companies only check portions of your translated documents, we insist on evaluating every document thoroughly to ensure that the final product meets and exceeds industry standards and conveys your message accurately.

Over the past few years, the process and metrics outlined in the ITSC 7450 document have been used extensively by the ILD Consulting, LLC team demonstrating that ITSC 7450 is a useful tool to objectively evaluate, measure, and improve translation quality.